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How to Get Elite 2 in FIFA 17?

Létrehozva: 2016. december 30. Létrehozta: supodum Kategória: FIFA 1 hozzászólás

As a Elite 2 players, I think I should share my tips about how to get elite. If you still can't get a good position in FIFA 17, you should read this. Now let's begin!

4321 formation my go to every year as I find it the most effective in pressing deep defences

Preferred work rates
High /low, medium /low, high /medium striker
High /low, high/ medium (bale, cuadrado, reus, willian and kono exceptions) wide forwards
High/ medium, high/ high mediu
m/high wide cms
Medium /high,high /high ,med/med central cm
Fullbacks high /medium, high/high
Cbs medium /high ,medium /medium, high /high, high /medium (ramos, Luiz, koulibally , Bailley only).

Instructions and archetype of each position.

Fullbacks stayback while attacking, you want them only to go forward when you manually trigger a run to provide support to the wide cms. They are far more difficult to track, coming up the pitch from deep. Also only manually push one up at a time so you always have at least 3 at the back, not including your most defensive mid. Must be over 80 pace and 70 physical (high stamina), to cover elite wingers. Note the higher the physical the less pace you can get away with.

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Cbs conservative interceptions, especially for players like ramos with high attacking work rates...this allows them to get back without pressing for an interception, from attacking set pieces, in particular this can prevent counter attacks. Must be strong , 65 plus pace, competent on the ball and good in air. Note they must have over 70 composure to avoid weird ai errors.

Central cm Stayback while attacking, this does not keep him back the whole time, but will help the custom tactics have more of an effect and allows the cbs to cover the fullbacks when they push forward. Must be good in air for goal kicks and strong to hold up ball. Must also be able to dictate the tempo of the game as all attacking moves will start through him. If the game is too open manually assign him as a cdm in game.

Wide cms Stay at edge of box for crosses, so can be in position to intercept clearances..for op longshots. Must be mobile and good on the ball.

Wide forwards, get in behind press back line. You need preferably over 85 pace and dribbling here to stretch defences that sit deep and get in behind high lines on the counter. This is the key position to counter high pressure and park the bus tactics.
Striker, stay central, press back line Needs to be able to do everything, quick strong good on the ball and air I.e auba sturridge, Ronaldo , bale, firmino sif Benteke, martial

Thanks for reading!

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